Contaminated soil and groundwater pose a threat for the environment and remedial activities can not be postponed any longer. Only by implementing specially designed and adapted remedial technologies it is possible to reach the required remediation goals with reasonable and calculable efforts. It is mandatory to apply the available financial resources most efficient and economically. The need for high efficiency combined with low up-front investment and low operation and maintenance costs for clean-up technologies lead to the development of IEG' s remediation systems.

The most important factor for the efficiency of remediation systems is the right choice of the remediation technology and the system components that have to be applied, whereas with the multitude of contaminated sites an individual approach is crucial.

IEG has more than 20 years of hands-on experience when it comes to remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater and can offer optimum solutions for a broad variety of applications. Numerous national and international patents prove the high standard of our remedial technologies and processes, whose effectiveness has been demonstrated in the field by numerous successful applications.

Services and Products:
  • Water treatment: desorption stripping units (DSA), compact strippers (KS), trailer-mounted mobile stripping units, granular activated carbon (GAC) filter units, in-situ circulation systems
  • Off-gas treatment: granular activated carbon (GAC) filter units, catalytic oxidation units
  • Soil Remediation: soil vapor extraction units, in-situ soil air circulation systems, active and passive injection wells
  • Light-Non-Aqueous-Phase-Liquid (LNAPL) Removal: LNAPL removal units with oil-water phase separator
  • Sampling and monitoring: multi-level sampling wells for depth-oriented sampling of soil-gas and/or groundwater
  • Additional systems and components: deferrisation/deironing units, ion exchangers, pumps, piping and hoses, blowers, fittings
  • Monitoring: Remote monitoring, on-line data transfer, process visualization
  • Services and consulting: remediation concepts, dye tracer studies
  • Maintenance: Maintenance of treatment systems, tower packing service for stripping units, change of granular activated carbon (GAC) filters units

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Treatment Systems to Clean Grounwater
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