IEG-Desorption-Stripping-Units (DSA)
to remove volatile contaminants from groundwater

IEG-desorption-stripping-units (DSA) are used to treat any amount of contaminated process or groundwater. According to the required effluent concentration the desorption units (or packed stripping towers) have to be either one-stage or multiple-stage.

The contaminated water is pumped directly into the upper portion of the stripping unit. A specially designed sprinkler system distributes the water homogeneously onto the tower packing. The water moves downward into the lower part of the stripping unit and fresh air is moving countercurrent upwards. The volatile constituents are transferred into the gaseous phase according to the prevailing phase equilibrium and are removed with the off-gas.

The clean water is collected in the sump of the stripping unit and disposed of accordingly. The off-gas is cleaned after passing through a conditioner by activated carbon of other filter devices.

Due to the modular design the treatment units can be adapted according to the required amount of water to be treated and the required effluent concentration.

System Design:
The standard-design material of the stripping units is polyethylene (PE). All systems come with the necessary flanges and openings to facilitate transport and maintenance. The vacuum-blower comes with a water knock-out and an automatic condensed water draining system.

IEG's Services:
  • Dimensioning and manufacturing of the treatment systems according to the site-specific parameters
  • Manufacturing, shipping, and turn-key installation
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Tower packing service - exchange of clogged tower packing on the same day
  • Remote monitoring, process visualization
IEG-LNAPL Removal Systems ( FLE )